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What do I pair with Thanksgiving Dinner?

With all the different preparations for the turkey – smoked, brined, fried, roasted – plus the accompanying dishes – sweet potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce – how in the world do you select that perfect wine?

Here’s some overall choices:

  • Pinot Gris – it has slightly more weight and a little bit of acid.

  • Pinot Noir – it pairs well across the board with the thanksgiving feast.

  • Zinfandel – not the heavy, jammy ones, but the lighter moderate weight with raspberry flavors.

  • Cabernet Franc – if your turkey and dressing is the main course.

If you are throwing in a Heavenly Baked ham, add an old vine Zinfandel.

And for that Pumpkin Pie? A medium to sweet Riesling. I know, really!?! But…Yes!

What if you are a bourbon lover?

Here you go:

  • With dark meat – go for Buffalo Trace

  • For white meat – have a glass of Four Roses Single Barrel

  • If you smoked your turkey – High West Campfire is the one.

No matter what you are having or drinking this Holiday season – have a Happy Thanksgiving, love on your family…and be grateful for your blessings this year! Cheers!


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